Our web designer recommended leading off the site with a transsexual beauty pageant ad. He’s a pro, so no one questioned him. This is for an event that runs in Atlantic City during the Miss America Pageant.

An internal sign for casino employees, reminding them that customers aren’t old enough to squander their money until they’re old enough to vote and drink.


A thank-you for a fundraiser. Cancer isn’t an easy thing to write about without getting sappy, but Randy Meisner helped out.

Welcome to Libertine Month at the club. Next week’s guest DJs will be Aleister Crowley and the Marquis de Sade.


A card that went in hotel guests’ rooms, reminding them that seeing humans 300' above the ground isn’t necessarily an illusion.


The Argentine Air Force played less defense in 1982 than the AFC did last year.

They named a local ball field after a catcher/shortstop/humanitarian/Negro League legend.

You’d be surprised how much fun this event was, even though 52% of the crowd (extrapolating the county results) presumably went home disappointed.